Saturday was bright, and after Sol's kick-boxing we went up the road to buzz the door to Flowers East Gallery ( 51°31'47.11"N 0° 4'38.32"W), which was almost empty. In the sheer light of the front room, and the dimmer spaces behind, Polidori's large photographs were intense, and very flat. It was like he'd looked through a wide-angle microscope with a painter's eye at an empty Versailles, blurring the edges between man-fake surfaces and the objects adorning them - the marbled and clothed walls with golden ironmongery and rubbed in dirt round not-quite-matching joinery. Sometimes his pictures are whole Dutch-like rooms, but mostly they are fragments with the space squeezed out.
by Helen Thomas

Versailles InvitationVersailles Invitation © Robert Polidori      after Polidori this is how I saw itafter Polidori this is how I saw it Helen Thomas